Give Hope. Join LWR’s 2016 Hunger Challenge!

You can do it. You can help families escape hunger and poverty!

Take the LWR 2016 Hunger Challenge and give the gift of long-lasting, sustainable solutions to hunger for families around the world – like Daisy’s.

Daisy and her family live high in the Andes mountains in Peru.  There was a time when she didn’t always have enough to eat. Families like hers are experiencing extreme hunger and poverty as they try to grow food at these high altitudes. In fact, 55 percent of rural families in Peru live in poverty. Traditional mountain farming methods have been lost as people fled these areas due to political strife and severe weather.

But your support changes things.

Thanks to friends like you, Daisy’s family and many others learned to:

  • Use organic farming to grow ancient varieties of potatoes and other nutritious crops, increasing the overall availability of healthful foods
  • Improve their agricultural practices, including food storage
  • Boost family income to purchse more food and other necessities

Now Daisy’s family can grow crops to eat, and crops to sell for income and that’s completely changed everything. The results have been amazing. See for yourself!

Take the challenge. Give hope!

Your gift will help families like Daisy’s, struggling to feed their children in ever-challenging circumstances. With it you’ll provide the tools, training and support families need to create their own path out of poverty.

In other words – when you give to the LWR 2016 Hunger Challenge you give hope in the face of hunger.

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