Beginning on September 11, the Adult Forum Bible Study will reconvene for a study of the Old Testament Book of Isaiah. The class will be held at 10:15 on Sunday mornings, following the worship service. There will be 11 sessions over a 15 week span, with lay instructor David Moore leading the class.

There will be only two sessions in September, on the 11th and the 25th. Due to a number of scheduling conflicts for the instructor, the class will then break until October 23. Beginning on that Sunday, the class will then be held every Sunday through December 19.

While Isaiah was written many centuries before the birth of Christ, it offers an important faith perspective for times of distressing and difficult change, and for what happens when God changes old things into new things. It is part of the foundation of our Christian theology. It also reflects the power of God in relation to the power exercised by nations in conflict.

Isaiah is a long (66 chapters) book of prophecy created over several lifetimes by several prophets. It covers a period beginning in the latter part of the 8th century before Christ, and extending into the latter part of the 6th century – a period of about 200 years that included times of great crisis, upheaval, loss and renewal for the Jewish people. The first 39 chapters focus upon the tumultuous times leading up to the conquering of Judea by the Babylonians, who destroyed the temple and removed many of the people of Judea to a foreign land. These chapters are traditionally referred to as “First Isaiah.” Chapters 40-55 are focused on the end of the Babylonian exile, and are known as “Second Isaiah.” The last 11 chapters – Third Isaiah – focus on the difficult time after the return of the exiled people to Jerusalem.

Instead of using a study text, the emphasis for “homework” in our study will be to read the 66 Chapters over the course of the class and to come to class with questions and reflections on what the text meant when it was written, and what it means to us in this time and place. We will focus both on learning about the text and reflecting upon its value to our world and our own community of faith.

Whether you are able to attend class for every session, or only occasionally, we hope you will take this opportunity to delve into the scriptures with us.

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