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“Ask the Pastor”

Rev. Bond Haldeman

Do you remember the “Dear Abbey” and “Ann Landers” newspaper columns? Readers would write letters asking questions of the advice-givers, who would respond with answers given in the newspaper for everyone to read. It was in some ways like contemporary social media, where people put their “stuff” out there for others to see. But there was a lot more anonymity in the nationally syndicated newspaper columns.

I would like to do something similar with this congregational newsletter column. I would like to make it “Ask the Pastor.” As I reflect on my newsletter articles over the past decade, I recognize that there is very often a similar theme. That is the risk in not having a text guide the message. If I had to pick the Scripture readings for Sunday worship, I imagine you would begin to notice my favorite themes there too. Thank goodness for a lectionary that keeps us looking at a variety of Scriptural emphases.

“Ask the Pastor” is not intended to be an advice column, but rather, an opportunity for you to ask and have answered your questions. I am imagining questions about Scripture and Church History, Liturgy, Theology, and Christian Ethics. Are there burning questions you have, but have been afraid to ask? Is there something you are curious about, or are there reflections from a sermon? Do you perhaps have a “stump the pastor” question? Are there timely social issues you would like to hear more about? That is what I would hope to address in this newsletter column. I will not guarantee that every question will get answered, but it is likely that if one person (you) have a questions, there are others wondering the same thing.

So, send me a note in email,, or drop a written note at the office with the administrative assistant or in the mailbox outside my office. I look forward to your questions, and hopefully providing some informative answers.

Yours in

Pastor Bond

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