St. John Lutheran Church Council Meeting

Present: Pastor Bond, Ted G, Kathy S, Lorrie C, Melanie M, Greg G, Ron H, Ron J, Judi M
Absent: Tim B, Josh U

Gather for Devotions:

Ron J

Approval of Agenda:

A motion was made by Cathy and seconded by Ted, passed unanimously

Leadership Development:

Healthy Congregations: “Responsible
Congregation” video Pastor Bond


● Secretary: A motion was made by Judi and seconded by Ron , passed unanimously
● Treasurer: A motion was made by Cathy and seconded by Scott , passed unanimously
● Pastor: Review of Easter/Lenten Services. Women of ELCA at St John voted to disband on April 5, 2016 and the money disbursed to specific organizations or accounts. The ministries of their group will continue to serve under individual leadership.

Celebrations and Plans

● Stewardship/Leadership: nothing new
● Youth/Education: Movie Night will be rescheduled
● Worship/Evangelism: nothing new
● Building and Grounds: Work Day. May 7
● Social Ministry: Crop Walk, Offering of letters in May, Compassion Sunday
● Foundation: Discussion on Rental properties: changing management company, repairs needed and they are looking into possibly selling the properties.
● Congregation Contacts/Comments: Info requested on what a visitation pastor does

Council Concerns/Agenda items

● May Devotions: Todd Duckworth
● First Sunday Feedback Next Month: May 1st
● Visitation Pastor Task Force: Cathy went to Foundation meeting to answer grant request questions. Grant has not officially been approved, Foundation needed majority attending.
● Natural Church Development: prior to next month’s meeting gather names of survey Participants.
● Web Site: Have web site and announcement items on screen before services, find someone to load this info.
● Church Council Retreat: April 15 and 16,Lutherdale. “Vision, Mission, and Leadership”
● Roof Loan: Tabled for next month
● 2016 Ways to Better Communicate with Congregation: web site discussed, on screen before service
● Women’s bathroom: Scott to talk with Todd J, need estimates.
● Synod Assembly Voting Members (3): Judi, Lori and Bond Haldeman, April 30 – May 1st
● Shari Z: talked about a worship experience she had with Pastor Painter, Paul O.

St. John Lutheran Church Council

● Outdoor services planning: make plans for 2 or 3 outside services, one per month, do potlucks (June 12, July 10, August 28)
● Columbarium: a place for the respectful and usually public storage of cinerary urns (i.e., urns holding a deceased’s cremated remains) tabled for next month
● Investment of General Fund reserves: no interest earned on checking account balance(due to dedicated funds),check into doing something with a portion of those funds to earn some interest. Todd will check with the bank on options.
● Sound System: complaints about the sound quality. The large speaker hanging from the ceiling may need to be replaced due to sound distortion. Sound baffling material needs to be installed in balcony.
● Organ Repairs: tabled for next month, no new info from the organ company.


Scott motioned to close, seconded by Melanie, passed unanimously
Agenda items for next month
Next Council Meeting: May 10th , 2016

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