St. John Lutheran Church Council Meeting

February 14, 2017

Present: Tim J, Tim B, Pastor Bond, Elizabeth H, Gus H, Ron H, Ron J, Lorrie C, Melanie M, Kathy H, Todd D, Kathy S

Absent: Beth B

Gather for Devotion– led by Ron J

Approval of Agenda– Melanie made a motion to approve the agenda as printed and seconded by Ron J. Motion carried

Welcome to New Council Members

Leadership Development-explained the principles of growing with Natural Church Development

Secretary– Melanie made a motion to approve last month’s minutes, seconded by Lorrie, motion carried

Treasurer– Kathy S. made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report , seconded by Gus . Motion carried

Pastor– Ash Wednesday March 1. Discipleship theme for Lent. Youth event this last weekend went well. Synod Assembly April 28 & 29. Passed out copies of the Synod Newsletter.

Celebrations and Plans

  • Stewardship/Leadership- review time and talent sheets at next meeting
  • Youth/Education-no report at this time
  • Worship/Evangelism- The committee decided to leave the standing and sitting during worship as listed in the hymnal. Members are encouraged to adjust their position for viewing as they do for heat, air conditioning and lighting. Flag positioning in the narthex has been adjusted slightly to be more visible.
  • Building & Grounds-carpet has been replaced on the aisle in the sanctuary
  • Social Ministry-Souper Bowl of Caring has started collecting food/soups. Fundraiser at Chipotle Feb 18 in Janesville for Crop Walk.
  • Foundation-Elected officials last night at their meeting. Pete S President, Deb G is Vice President, Sue G, Dan B, Cindy G, Duane A, Mary L. $38,000 funds available for 2017.
  • Congregation Contacts/ Comments -none to report at this time

Council Considerations

  • Overview of Church Council Responsibilities (Mentoring connections)- reviewed copy of church Constitution. Existing council members matched up with incoming ones to help get settled. Planning Group Assignments (All Planning Group (Potluck) Meeting, Feb. 19, 11:30 a.m.) Education & Youth-Beth B Worship & Evangelism- Melanie, Elizabeth Stewardship & leadership-Tim J Social Ministry-Lorrie, Kathy H Building & Grounds-Gus Foundation-Ron H
  • Natural Church Development (NCD)-see above under Leadership Development
  • Visitation Pastor-discussed current funding and budget
  • Communion Rail Redesign-discussed reconstruction of the Altar area and communion railing
  • Worship Service Change Request (Sitting & Standing)-see above
  • Easter Breakfast 2017-LeRoy is retiring from coordinating it. Discuss at planning group and finalize at next council meeting.
  • Retreat-will figure out potential dates at next meeting for Lutherdale in Spring
  • Lead Event – March 11th -Handout listing sessions for gathering in Madison Tim J made a motion to adjourn meeting, seconded by Todd. Motion carried.

Next Council Meeting – March 14, 2017

Closing Prayer

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