St. John Lutheran Church Council Meeting

June 14, 2016

Present: Pastor Bond, Greg, Ted, Kathy, Lorrie, Ron, Ron, Tim, Cathy, Melanie, Judi

Absent: Josh, Scott

Gather for Devotions-Kathy

Approval of Agenda– Cathy made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Ted.

Leadership Development: Handout entitled Session 4 Focus on Strength, NCD materials-Pastor Bond


●Secretary- Todd made a motion to approve the minutes from May and Lorrie seconded.
●Treasurer- Judi made a motion to approve the report and Melanie seconded.
●Pastor- Most NCD surveys completed. Brief Employee review of Pastor Bond.

Celebrations and Plans

●Stewardship/Leadership- Time and talent survey discussed at last meeting, Visitation Pastor fund raising planning
●Youth/Education-Friday Movie Night, our youth and area churches invited
●Worship/Evangelism-Outdoor Worship July 10 with potluck picnic brunch!
●Building and Grounds-reseeded grass on the side lawn looking good now
●Social Ministry-Life Milk raised $1120, Habitat for Humanity for Father’s Day, Christmas in July for ECHO, then school drive in August, Crop Walk $6300 raised in April.
●Foundation-no report
●Congregation Contacts/Comments-Tim and Greg and Kathy met with 3 women from church to address some concerns.

Council Concerns/Agenda items

●June Devotions: Lorrie
●First Sunday Feedback –Next Month: July 3rd
●Natural Church Development: Council wants to educate the congregation about NCD in short pieces during worship. Cathy made a motion to include a Mission Moment during worship with abbreviated hymns for time consideration, Seconded by Tim. Motion passed.
●Parking lot-concerns with outside use of the lower parking lot. Council is choosing not to put up any concrete barriers. Future discussions for concerns on weight limit signs.
●Women’s bathroom update-Grant request for the women’s bathroom by front office updates/repairs submitted.
●Sound System -parts to be installed and rewiring to take place shortly to improve sound quality.
●Shari: Pastor Painter- Greg and Pastor to meet with Shari to discuss planning a service.
●Evangelism -We would like to set up a system to have congregation members help call members who haven’t been to church in a while with a potential script.
●Visitation Pastor – Pastor Peterson


Ted made a motion to adjourn, Tim seconded. Motion passed

Next Council Meeting- July 12th

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