St. John Lutheran Church Council Meeting

September 13, 2016

Gather for Devotions presented by Tim B

Approval of Agenda Kathy made a motion to approve the agenda with foundation item added, Tim seconded

Leadership Development handout titled “Healthy Congregations Respond to Anxiety and Change”


  • Secretary- Scott motioned to approve the minutes, Judi seconded
  • Treasurer-Lorrie motioned to approve the minutes, Judi seconded
  • Pastor-Confirmation has begun. Pastor requested that he use continuing education funds to purchase books, council approved

Celebrations and Plans

  • Stewardship/Leadership- time and talent sheets were updated at their meeting
  • Youth/Education-Rally day and treat boxes went well.
  • Worship/Evangelism-no update, next meeting Sept 27
  • Building and Grounds-no update, bids being submitted by Four Seasons and Walker Property Management for plowing and snow removal
  • Social Ministry-ECHO school supplies $1310 including matching funds not including actual supplies collected. Next meeting this Sunday
  • Foundation-management of apartments has been transferred to Walker Property Management
  • Congregation Contacts/Comments-contact asking for St.John to reach out to the neighborhood

Council Concerns/Agenda items

  • October Devotions: Scott M
  • First Sunday Feedback-Next Month: October 2nd
  • Natural Church Development: Ted G/Ron J – working on members for the church Health team. Next meeting Tue Sept 20
  • Roof Loan-$3519 ytd paid,
  • Women’s bathroom update-need to schedule plumber and partition removal
  • Parking Lot-discussion with no actions needed
  • Painting Pastor-availability dates and cost information collected, both choirs will be asked to see if they would like to participate for next spring. Judi will research a canvas. Gregg will get a firmer cost.
  • Sound System-still working on extra noises
  • Acolytes Recruiting Rally -starting to recruit this coming Sunday
  • Baptism –Oct 8 will start forming a craft group to make the banners and cards
  • Liturgical Dance-put on hold for now
  • Foundation receipt policy change – Foundation has a form to show receipt of money from the treasurer and one to show money collected for matching funds

Adjourn: Ron H motioned to adjourn and seconded by Tim

  • Next Council Meeting-October 11th, 2016

Closing prayer

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