St. John Lutheran Church Council Meeting

Present: Pastor Bond, Ted G, Kathy S, Lorrie C, Melanie M, Greg G, Judi M, Ron H, Ron J, Tim B
Absent: Cathy P, Todd D, Josh U

Gather for Devotions

Led by Greg G

Approval of Agenda

Ted made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Tim.

Leadership Development

Video presented by Pastor Bond


Secretary Kathy S – The minutes from February 9th, 2016 were approved as written. Ted seconded by Tim. The motion passed unanimously.
Treasurer Todd D – The financial report for February presented. A motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made by Kathy and seconded by Judi. The motion passed unanimously.
Pastor Bond-Lead Conference comingsoon, April 30 Synod Assembly.

Celebrations and Plans

Stewardship/Leadership-no report
Youth/Education- planning movie night for teens with St Peter and Hope for April 10.
Worship/Evangelism-Breakfast on some Sundays, May 14 open house downtown-Open Church?, prayer chain, hymn of the month were some items discussed
Building and Grounds –Spring Clean-up day planned for May 7 work to be done on north lawn and painting in Sunday School rooms.
Social Ministry- Life Milk drive this Easter, no other report
Foundation- meeting next week, no report
Congregation Contacts/Comments – organ music is being played too slowly.

Council Concerns/Agenda items

– Gathered updated contact information for council members
– April Devotions: Ron J
– First Sunday Feedback –Next Month:  April 3rd
– Visitation Pastor: Cathy P – Pastor made a motion for the pork chop dinner funds to be put it into this fund, Kathy seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously
– Natural Church Development – Empowering Leadership-new reading material, The 3 Colors of Leadership
– Web Site: Ron H said it seems to be running smoothly. He will get council members updated.
– Directory update- they arrived this week.  We discussed how to distribute them.
– Church Council Retreat: April 15-16 Lutherdale 5:00 pm Friday to Sat 6:00 pm
– Roof Loan: Tabled for next month
– 2016 – Ways to Better Communicate with Congregation- Feedback, planning group presentations twice a year during announcements
– Women’s bathroom – main floor-limited handicapped access -change to one stool, addition of changing table and hand rails.  Future discussion for grant request and pricing out changes
– Organ repairs- recommended work by Fabry for organ maintenance, discussion tabled for next month
– Easter breakfast funds will be put toward the Roof Fund


Lorrie made a motion to adjourn, Ted seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
Agenda items for next month:
Next Council Meeting- April 12th, 2016
Closing prayer
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