Present: Dave Moore, Kathy Severson, Ted Grund, Pastor Bond Haldeman, Tim Johnson, Heidi Pennycook,Ron Johnson
Devotion: a reading from Hebrews Chapter 12, Cloud of witnesses Community building – a sharing of the highs and lows for the week from each of us
Review: Sound Proofing installation volunteers – Ron has made some calls and put together a list of people who would like to help
Approval of agenda: Tim motioned to approve the agenda and it was seconded by Dave.

  1. Small Group Task Force -meeting again on Thursday. Dave, Pastor, Ted, Jodi Parson
  2. Financial Status – Reviewed the reports as presented. Dave made a motion to accept the financial report and it was seconded by Bond.
  3. Roof Repair – has not been scheduled yet, possibly October.
  4. Worship plans – Dave made a motion to accept the following worship guidelines as amended by consensus effective 9/20 and it was seconded by Ted. Motion passed.
  • Remove the limit on the number of worshippers and hold a single Sunday morning worship service, as long as adequate social distancing can be maintained..
  • Strictly enforce a masking requirement. Council members will contact all worshippers to discuss the issue with them so as to avoid any unnecessary confrontations. We will provide a strong ushering crew which is willing to tactfully enforce the rule.
  • Eliminate Congregational singing, and replace it with alternatives such as pre-recorded and instrumental music. Hymns could still be played, but worshippers will be encouraged to read the words to themselves and contemplate the words while listening.
  • In an attempt to reinforce the role of laity in worship, a Council member should announce these changes in worship. We should again begin using lay readers, and possibly prayer leaders, as we did before Covid-19, with appropriate social distancing in the chancel, using the lectern for laity, while Pastor Bond uses the pulpit and altar space.
  • Continue to provide at least one other in-person service as an option for high-risk members who want to attend, but are not comfortable with unlimited numbers.
  • Invest whatever sum (by means of a Foundation grant and support for professional services if necessary) and whatever number of volunteers and/or professionals is necessary to assure that our internet connection, hardware, software and production quality is raised to allow for effective broadcasting of the Sunday morning service. This needs to be something that Council takes on, and should not be left to Pastor Bond. This was tabled for further discussion.
  • Discussed and explored different options for a theologically acceptable alternative to our current practice of face-to-face, hand- to-hand passing of the sacrament. Council decided to continue communion currently practiced.

Kathy made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Tim Johnson.
Devotion next week from Tim Johnson.
Submitted by Kathy Severson

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