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Once again, we will gather inside (no bugs invited!) in Friendship Hall and share a picnic supper to celebrate the Fourth of July together. The menu this year includes chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs cooked on the grill by our team of grill experts. Side dishes, dessert, beverages, and table settings are provided. All you need to do is come and share fellowship.

This year, our gathering is sponsored by Thrivent so there is no charge to attend. But we do ask that you RSVP to the church office so that we know how much food to prepare. You can use also RSVP by placing one of the red slips provided in today’s Yellow Page into the collection plate.

We will take a freewill offering during the evening to support the work of Cornerstone of Hope in our community. Cornerstone of Hope is providing seeds and gardening materials to grow food for our local food pantries and they also provide home repairs to those in need in our community. All proceeds of the freewill offering will benefit their work.

Come at 6:30 pm to eat and stay to watch the fireworks from the Garden!