June 20th was World Refugee Day

Please Email your members of Congress. Ask them to support humanitarian funding for the crisis in Syria.

The conflict in Syria, in its fifth year, has become a protracted civil war with an enormous humanitarian cost.

Children are among the main casualties of the Syrian humanitarian crisis, making up 5.6 million or half of Syrians in need. That’s about the same number as all the children under 18 in Texas. Displaced and refugee children are vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, malnutrition, and illness and are without the familiarity of their homes, schools, or communities. Global funding for the humanitarian response in Syria has not kept pace with the extensive scale of need. It’s time to ensure that basic needs are being met for the most vulnerable children.

The international community needs to address the immediate symptoms of the crisis and, most importantly, root causes of the conflict. The U.S. government needs to hear from YOU in order to make this a priority.

– See more at: WorldVision.org

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