Present: Cathy Prusansky, Londa Rusch, Gordon Beyerlein, Joyce Hornsey, Cindy Grassl, Becky Weber-Johnson, council rep Tim Johnson
Call to order b Cathy P @5:37pm
Devotions by Tim J re: Prayer
Approval of Agenda – Cathy added the
ECHO grant – approved motion, 2nd Cathy carries
Approval of the Minutes – motion by Gordon, 2nd by Londa
Treasurer’s Report – July and August – motion by Gordon, 2nd by Londa

Property Report: Gordon reported that there is still water to be permanently shut off — this can be done @ the curb as part of the demolition. The property committee will reach out to the city and confirm that this meets their requirements.

Grant Committee Report: no report

Old Business:

  1. Undesignated memorials Becky – Becky has the labels and will get fill-in-able letters prepared to go out by October 15, 2020
  2. Determine one-year Treasury Bill interest rate and balance of LEAF Scholarship Fund on August 1, interest to be credited to account before December 31st . – Diane Reported that this has been done.

Grants for Consideration:

  1. Visitation Pastor -grant for $6,000 to meet Visitation Pastor’s salary thru 12/31/2020 – motion by Cathy, 2nd by Becky – carries
  2. ECHO Community meal – grant for up to $1,000 on a motion by Cindy, 2nd by Becky – carries

New Business
Other Business

Next Meeting Date – October 19 th .
Devotions by: Joyce.
Adjournment at 6:17 on a motion by Becky, 2nd by Cathy

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