Additional thanks are extended to the St. John Foundation for honoring our grant request for $1,000. to be donated to Compassion International. This grant is made in recognition of the 20 families in our congregation who have made the commitment to sponsor one or more children through Compassion International and, because the Foundation is part of St. John Lutheran Church, it represents a contribution to this mission on behalf of everyone in the Congregation. This type of donation is reserved into Compassion’s general fund and can be used to provide for a variety of essential needs faced by children in poverty. Through this fund, Compassion:

  • Delivers water rations for drinking and showering
  • Provides food for families living in extreme poverty
  • Covers medical expenses like doctor’s visits and surgeries
  • Offers life-saving vaccinations
  • Donates supplies for schoolrooms and workshops
  • Purchases equipment and furniture for Child Development Centers
  • Supports counseling for children who’ve experienced traumatic events
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