“Good Reads” from the Bishop for Your Church Library

As I travel around I am getting into books on bluetooth. (My new fangled car doesn’t have a CD player.) Anyway, I was thinking about books that I’d recommend being in each church library for the edification of the community. They are listed below:

  • Honoring Our Neighbor’s Faith – Revised Edition, which describes many Christian denomination and non-Christian traditions to help us understand the diversity of our fellow journeyers in faith. (I used it with Confirmands and their parents when I was in the parish.)
  • Future Faith – Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, which seems so on point in helping us understand the challenges to our faith in this new century.
  • Faith in the Face of Empire – Mitri Raheb, which view the Bible through Palestinian eyes and has, in my opinion, more to say to us in this day and age than one might think.
  • Together By Grace – edited by Kathryn Kleinhans, which is a nice exposition that introduces the diversity of we who call ourselves Lutherans.

I’ve just started John Shelby Spong’s new book Unbelievable. At age 88, he challenges us where we live if we want the church to reach people today. We can’t do things the same way and he tells us why. I was introduced to it by members of the Bible study group at Vermont LC. I’ll let you know what I think about this sometime down the road.

Be well and blessed,

~ Bishop Viviane Thomas-Breitfeld

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