With the presidential primary season in full swing, not to mention all the things that are happening around the world, you may or may not have noticed that 2016 is a leap year.

That’s right. This year we get an extra day in the month of February – and that extra day is a valuable resource we can put to good use!

That’s why this year, we’re challenging you to #LeapWithLWR and use February 29 to do things that help make the world a better place.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 easy ways you can use your extra day to do good – in your own community and around the world. Pick one (or more) thing to do, then share it with the hashtag #LeapWithLWR!

10 Easy Ways to Do Good on Leap Day

  1. Brew a pot of LWR Fair Trade coffee at work and tell your co-workers how they too can help lift farmers out of poverty!
  2. Pay it forward at the toll booth.
  3. Like the LWR – Project Promise Facebook Page, then share it so others can too!
  4. Support a local business with a purchase or a visit.
  5. Visit to direct your Thrivent Choice Dollars to LWR!
  6. Offer to do the dishes after supper.
  7. Have a one-hour technology black-out and pray for refugees.
  8. Call your parents! (Or grandparents.) They miss you!
  9. Skip your morning latte and give that $5 to LWR’s Quilt & Kit Shipping Fund instead! You’ll help send Quilts & Kits around the world!
  10. Share an LWR Fair Trade chocolate bar with a co-worker or friend and tell them how they, too, can make a difference with Fair Trade.

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