As many know, our church has been working on Natural Church Development (NCD) for the past year and a half, we now have a Church Health Team (not to be mistaken for Health Ministry) which is part of the NCD process. Our team leader will be Ted G, Dave M is our strategic thinker, Greg G is our communicator and Ron J our intercessor.

We have spent the last few meetings on gaining a better understanding of the NCD process and started working on our minimum factor from the Quality Characteristic surveys taken in August 2015 and June 2016. Our church’s minimum factor was Empowering Leadership. Empowering Leadership is not making the church leaders more powerful, but empowering all members of the Church to fulfill their God given spiritual gifts. Saint John Lutheran Church’s mission statement is: Jesus’ Witnesses proclaiming God’s Grace, so empowering all members of the church to be better witnesses fits in well with our mission statement.

We will keep the congregation updated on the Church Health Team’s progress.

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