This Changes Everything

The theme for this year’s ELCA National Youth Gathering is “This Changes Everything.” We have five young people preparing to go to Houston, Texas at the end of June. It is interesting that the organizers of this national event chose to use the demonstrative pronoun “this” without a clear antecedent. I hope they were not suggesting that the National Youth Gathering itself changes everything.

It is Jesus Christ, and more specifically the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus, that changes everything. That is what we remember during Holy Week and celebrate on the Day of the Resurrection. This event in Jesus’ life and, through our connection to his life in Baptism, this event in our lives is what we continue to celebrate for a week of weeks in the Easter Season. This changes how we see God. This changes how we see our world. This changes how we see ourselves. Words that describe these changes include: grace, redemption, love, renewal, peace. Even death is changed through Jesus Christ.

May the Risen Lord Jesus Christ live in you always, and may you and yours be blessed in this Easter Season.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Bond

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