Thank you to everyone who supported our quilters by providing $200.00 to pay for the shipping of this year’s 86 completed quilts. The quilts began their journey on Saturday, September 26th , when they were delivered to the Madison rail yard by Pastor Bond and the Haldeman family. Thanks to bar- codes, which are required for every box shipped now, we should know in about a year where these quilts will be distributed. Quilts from our 2018 and 2019 shipments were distributed to Haiti, Iraq, the Ukraine, the Bahamas, and Georgia (the country, not the US state).

We also received $100.00 in donations for fabric and quilting supplies, which are greatly appreciated. The ladies never stop sewing, so these funds will be put to use right away! Checks for this purpose are accepted at any time during the year and can be made out to “St John Lutheran Church” and write “Quilters” in the memo line. Thank you to all of our devoted quilters and thank you to everyone who supports their efforts. Together we can spread kindness in our world!

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