Last Game of the Regular Season!

St. John Lutheran Softball

Mon 5-17:00 PMSt. John LutheranTurning PointDawson East
Mon 5-88:00 PMSt. Mathew'sSt. John LutheranDawson South
Mon 5-157:00 PMOakhill Christian 1St. John LutheranDawson North
Mon 5-226:00 PMSt. John LutheranFirst LutheranDawson East
Mon 6-59:00 PMNew Life 1St. John LutheranDawson South
Mon 6-129:00 PMSt. John LutheranSt. Michael's/StokesDawson North
Mon 6-197:00 PMRiver Hills ASt. John LutheranDawson East
Mon 6-266:00 PMTurning PointSt. John LutheranDawson South
Mon 7-108:00 PMSt. John LutheranSt. Mathew'sDawson North
Mon 7-176:00 PMSt. John LutheranOakhill Christian 1Dawson East
Mon 7-248:00 PMFirst LutheranSt. John LutheranDawson South
Mon 7 319:00 PMSt. John LutheranNew Life 1Dawson North
Mon 8-78:00 PMSt. Michael's/StokesSt. John LutheranDawson East
Mon 8-147:00 PMSt. John LutheranRiver Hills ADawson South
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