Gather for Devotion: ”The path he walked”
Present: Pastor Bond, Elizabeth H, Lorrie C, Beth B, Ron H, Greg G, Kathy H, Kathy S, Ron J
Absent: Tim J, Gus H, Tim B, Heidi P, Jason P
Approval of Agenda: Greg made a motion to accept the agenda as presented, seconded by Bond.
Thank You Notes


  • Secretary: Kathy made a motion to accept the minutes of July’s meeting, seconded by Greg.
  • Treasurer: Kathy S made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report in the new format, seconded by Bond.

Celebrations and Plans

  • Stewardship/Leadership – no report
  • Youth/Education – they will put together a presentation from the trip. Planning for 2 groups of students for 2nd week of September for Sunday School
  • Worship/Evangelism – planning on using a different setting for the worship for Nov- Jan
  • Building & grounds – no report
  • Social Ministry – Christmas in July = 865 + food from congregation matching funds from Foundation, Pastor’s Discretionary fund had $1490 donated. Next meeting September 13, 2018
  • Foundation – no update, next meeting Aug. 20
  • Congregation Feedback – sound system didn’t work for guest pastor, choir director- calls have gone out for someone.

Council Considerations

  1. Communion Rail Redesign – should be starting very soon, carpeting has been ordered.
  2. Narthex Remodel – TV and Whiteboard in the Library, need to anchor TV to wall. New flooring to come. New tables and stools in narthex, future locations to be determined
  3. Pastor Appreciation Sunday – tabled for future meeting
  4. Kitchen Operation & Maintenance – Sept. 12th Meeting 6:30 pm
  5. Sound System – Back Up Instructions with photos are posted by the sound board now. Waiting for proposal from DHS
  6. Parking Lot – 3rd Bid has been received. Kathy S made a motion to approve parking lot sealcoating and patching up to $7600, seconded by Lorrie C.
  7. Chair Yoga surveys returned and have discussed a class with a potential teacher-Meeting Aug 23 to plan details

Sat Aug 18 2:00 new Bishop Viviane Thomas-Breitfeld’s installation at First Lutheran Church Janesville Aug 28, 6:30 pm Bishop Thomas-Breitfeld will be here at St John for a meet and greet.

Greg made a motion to close the meeting, seconded by Kathy H.

Next Council Meeting – September 11, 2018
Devotion – Lorrie C
Closing Prayer

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