Present: Pastor Bond, Dave M, Ron J, Tim B, Heidi P, Kathy S, Tim J
Absent: Beth B

Approval of Agenda – A motion was made by Tim J and seconded by Ron J to accept the agenda as printed.

Thank You Notes – none
Leadership Notes – highlights from The Rise of Christianity by Rodney Stark and The Patient Ferment of the Early Church on being the best Christian as we can be.


  • Pastor – provided materials for council notebooks, ELCA survey filled out by council members, an example of ministry group formation worksheet. Pastor presented designation of salary for tax purposes. A motion was made by Dave and seconded by Tim B to approve the salary designation as presented. Motion passed.
  • President – review of agenda
  • Secretary – January 8, 2019 and January 27, 2019 minutes presented. Tim J made a motion to accept the minutes with a correction for duplicate portion of a sentence. The motion was seconded by Ron J.
  • Treasurer – Kathy S made a motion to accept the report as printed which was seconded by Ron J.

Immediate Business

  1. Sound System – working on finding a date for an appointment.
  2. Visitation Pastor – Pastor Dave has been visiting people. We have been hearing that people are appreciating the visits.
  3. Lead 2019 Workshop – opportunities to participate lifted up to council.
  4. Synod Assembly – So far we have Tim and Ruth Banwell, looking for one more
  5. Draft Annual Financial Encouragement Letter – Pastor presented a draft letter and the council offered constructive comments.
  6. Easter Lilies – Easter and Lenten worship ministry group is looking into diversifying the flowering plants and finding local sources.
  7. Foundation – since there is no longer a “Foundation Liaison” as part of ministry groups, we are looking to have The Foundation share their minutes.

Council Considerations

    1. St John Constitution & By Laws – Review of Council Responsibilities – Pastor Bond led the discussion about financial stewardship, stewardship of property, and setting quarterly meetings.
    2. Natural Church Development – Pastor Bond presented handouts and some points of interest
      • Quality Characteristics
      • St John’s Quality Characteristics
    3. Missional Church – Tim B.
      • What is a Missional Church? excerpts from SHIFT by Mark Tidsworth
      • Making the shift to a Missional Church from a consumer /attractional church
      • How does St. John compare, discussion
      • How can we encourage missions at St John? Keep our eyes open to new opportunities that might spark interest or passion. Create mission opportunities and celebrate current missions.
    4. Our Quarterly Congregation Meeting Pick Out 2019 Dates – April 14, July 7, and October 13, 2019
      • What are our goals? need to create an agenda format
      • What do we want to accomplish? share food and devotion
    5. Priorities for March Meeting – create an agenda format, normal March meeting is cancelled and a special council meeting called for March 5.


  1. Meeting closed with a motion from Tim J to adjourn and seconded by Pastor.
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