Present: Bond Haldeman, Lorrie C, Tim J, Tim B, Ron J, Kathy H

Absent: Ron H, Beth B, Elizabeth H, Gus H, Greg G, Heidi P, Jason P

Gather for Devotion: a reading from Our Daily Bread

Approval of Agenda: Kathy H made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Ron J.

Election of Members: Bond proposed a motion to elect Lorrie C to Church Council, Mary U to Worship & Evangelism planning group, and Jan S to Social Ministry Planning Group. The motion was seconded by Tim J. Motion passed unanimously.

Recognition of New Council Members: Thank You Notes

Leadership Development: discussed being part of a mission, having a purpose in life, reviewed a portion of the church constitution


President –will prepare a report of projects from the last year and ideas for the future
Secretary –Tim J made a motion to approve January’s minutes, Lorrie seconded the motion.
Treasurer –Kathy S made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, seconded by Kathy H seconded it.
Pastor –Ash Wednesday tomorrow

Celebrations and Plans

Planning Group Liaison Assignments

  • Stewardship/Leadership-Tim J
  • Youth/Education -Beth,(Heidi?)
  • Worship/Evangelism-Elizabeth
  • Building & grounds-Gus(Jason?)
  • Social Ministry-Lorrie, Kathy H

Foundation –Greg All Planning Group Meeting February 25th after Service

Council Considerations

Parking Lot-no update
Natural Church Development (NCD)-no report
Communion Rail Redesign – no update at this time
Narthex Remodel – Bob C will work on some of the projects with the pews
Visitation Pastor –no update Sanctuary Acoustical Assessment – Bond has had contact with the acoustical and sound system people
Videographer-Kidist is running the recording and being paid for doing it. Will look for a second person who can learn how to do it.
Lead Conference – March 10th at First Lutheran, encouraging people to go since it is in Janesville
Synod Assembly – May 5th & 6th
Retreat – Tentative Date April 27th /28th Tim B will reserve Lutherdale, Kathy S will write up grant request for the Foundation.

Adjournment: Tim J motioned to closing the meeting, Bond seconded.
Next Council Meeting – March 13, 2018
Devotion –Tim J
Closing Prayer

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