Present: Bond Haldeman, Elizabeth H, Kathy H, Beth B, Ron H, Lorrie C, Tim J, Kathy S, Ron J, Tim B
Absent: Heidi and Jason P, Gus H

Gather for Devotion – Chasing the wind, Ecclesiastes
Approval of Agenda – agenda approved with moving church properties to first on the agenda

Thank You Notes

Leadership Notes – nothing this weeks


  • Pastor – Tim J made a motion to receive Lori and Dan B into membership pending transfer paperwork, seconded by Beth. We will need Synod Assembly attendees for May in Madison- Tim and Ruth B volunteered. Coming up in August, Churchwide Assembly in Milwaukee. Christmas Eve services had 150 and 50 attendees.
  • President – none
  • Secretary – Beth made a motion to approve the minutes and seconded by Greg, motion passed.
  • Treasurer – Beth made a motion to approve the report as presented and seconded by Elizabeth, motion passed.

Celebrations and Plans

  • Stewardship/Leadership – no report
  • Youth/Education – Youth trip presentation on Feb 10.
  • Worship/Evangelism – going back to setting #4 in two weeks
  • Building & Grounds – no report
  • Social Ministry – no numbers from giving tree yet. Souper Bowl of Caring in planning mode.
  • Foundation – ongoing discussion about the properties, giving tree grants discussed, Kolden’s ramp project.
  • Congregation Feedback – a congregant suggested showing rest of church more on recording rather than the screen.

Council Considerations

  1. Church Properties – Kathy S made a motion to recommend to the Foundation to give tenants notice in May 2019 and to vacate late summer, seconded by Lorrie C. Motion passed. The next step decisions will be made by council after further discussion.
  2. St John Constitution Revision – Discussion, Time table
  3. 2019 Budget – a motion was made by Tim J and seconded by Beth to move forward with the proposed budget as printed by Ron H
  4. Annual Meeting Reports – need reports in as soon as possible
  5. Choir Director – Becky Weber J has agreed to continue as director. Tim J made a motion to hire Pastor Dave as Visitation Pastor. Lorrie C seconded. motion passed
  6. Visitation Pastor – Dave N has become available again. He would work 1 day a week. Tim J made a motion to hire Pastor Dave as Visitation Pastor. Lorrie C seconded. Motion passed
  7. Maintenance Personnel – Josh U has been working on some maintenance and we will be looking at formalizing that.

Next Council Meeting – February 12, 2019
Devotions: Tim J
Annual meeting January 27, 2019
Closing Prayer

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