Present: Bond Haldeman, Elizabeth H, Gus H, Lorrie C, Ron H, Kathy H, Ron J, Kathy S, Tim J, Todd D, Melanie M, Tim B, Beth B
Gather for Devotion

Approval of Agenda – Todd made a motion to approve agenda, seconded by Kathy H. Agenda approved.

Leadership Development-presented material on SHIFT Three Big Moves for the 21st Century Church


  • Secretary-Todd made a motion to approve minutes, seconded by Beth. Motion passed.
  • Treasurer-Tim made a motion to approve report, seconded by Kathy. Motion passed.
  • Pastor-no additional info

Celebrations and Plans

  • Stewardship/Leadership- potluck in 2 weeks May 21
  • Youth/Education -continuing to look for fundraising opportunities, Sunday is last week of Sunday School
  • Worship/Evangelism- bring games to potluck on May 21. Next meeting July 2. Another Potluck in August
  • Building & grounds -Clean up/work day went well.
  • Social Ministry-Advocacy table was a success, future topics planned. Next meeting this Thursday
  • Foundation -Tentative next meeting May 15
  • Congregation Contacts/ Comments – Sound system compliment

Council Considerations

  • Natural Church Development (NCD)- review of Sunday’s discussion, ”How can we help you become more involved in the ministry you most care about?”
  • Communion Rail Redesign -No Update
  • Easter Breakfast 2017- Everyone enjoyed the fellowship, unsure of amount raised for youth
  • Winter Farmer’s Market: Request to use Building-normal fee for use of the space $50
  • Narthex Remodel-no update yet
  • Synod Report-members shared the meaningful experience and summary provided
  • Church Bells-time has changed for Daylight Savings and chimes are playing
  • Visitation Pastor- Pastor Lynn is retiring and making her last visits in May. Pastor will reach out to the synod to see if there are retired Pastors looking for work.
  • The church was asked by another church to borrow the hand bell set. It was decided not to lend them out due to the value. No plans to sell them in whole or parts at this time.

Tim J made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Lorrie.
Next Council Meeting – June 13, 2017
Closing Prayer

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