St John Lutheran Foundation

April 11, 2016
Council Chamber Room

President Becky Weber-Johnson called meeting to order 5:31pm

Present: Becky W, Cindy G, Pastor Roy P, Diane U, Al U, (5:54pm via phone Deb G)
Council Rep. – Ron H Guest – Cathy P

Agenda reviewed – Pres Becky noted a last minute Grant request to discuss.

Minutes – Reviewed and amended below

Historian – Al Utzig

New Business > Grant Requests > i#1 – $38 for NCD request was Tabled – not approved

D. Utzig moved to approve, Poltrock second. Motion carried. (Updated copies to be sent out along with minutes)

Treasurer’s report for Feb. and March

Presented by Grassl and D. Utzig. It was noted that because of nice gain in March and deposit of $20,000 our YTD totals are positive. A. Utzig motioned to approve, Poltrock second. Motion carried.

Old Business

Tabled Grant request –NCD (National Church Development) request for $485.89 (new request updated from previous month) Cindy moved to approve, A. Utzig second. Motion carried.

Property manager discussion –
 220 N Parker has issues with damaged wall and water control valve around tub/shower area. Proposal to replace both by Wellnitz & Sarow Builders for $1800.
 Discussion ensued around what constitutes rental property repair and long term use of property?
 Discussed other possible bids to complete work
 Decided further investigation regarding venting and needed repair amounts before approving repair. Deb will investigate further
 Walker Property Management (WPM) company proposal discussed. Deb has received four positive responses to her referral requests. WPM is a bit cheaper than RK Smith, company we currently are using.
 Concerns discussed were: Why did we find out about the needed repairs in the manner in which we did? Shouldn’t a property management company inform us when extensive repairs might be in need?
 Does a property management company advise us regarding rent pricing?
 Trustees agreed that Deb Griffith could make decision to change management companies if she so chose to.
 New Grant Forms distributed to Melissa in church office
 Thumb drives-Glenn apparently has one, the other one is missing.

New Business

 Grant request for $7000 maximum seed money to hire a visitation pastor. Prusansky was at our meeting representing church council with this request. This money would be only used if/when budgeted monies of around $8000 were used up. Approximate annual wage of visitation pastor would be $15,000. After considerable discussion it was tabled as several of our trustees were unable to attend tonight’s meeting. Feeling was that they would wish to participate in discussion. No
objectives were voiced.5.Other – Communication

President Becky requested Al place notice into Messenger regarding ;

 “Our average attendance is hovering around 100 parishioners weekly and the remaining portion of the roof loan is less than $12,000. Just think, if those parishioners were all able to contribute as much as $10 once per month towards the roof fund it would be paid off in one year! :)

 Any member of St John Lutheran church may make a Grant Request from the Foundation. Stronger consideration of approval is made when your request is recommended by a congregation organization, committee or church council. Grant request forms are available from Melissa in the church office. Please allow Foundation trustees ample time to consider your recommendation by submitting them by the end of a month, for the next month’s Foundation meeting.”

Next Meeting

Monday, May 9, 2016, 5:30pm
St John Lutheran, Council Chamber room

Deb G – Devotions
Meeting adjourned 6:51pm

Respectfully submitted –
Al U, Secretary

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