Sunday School classes are available for everyone from three year olds through adult classes.  Sunday School classes are held beginning the Sunday after Labor Day and continues through the Sunday before Memorial Day.  Sunday School classes are held from 10:15 to 11:15 a.m.  Classes are not held during the Christmas-New Year break.

We have a combined class for members of the Sunday School.  Our Sunday School is truly blessed with superb volunteers.  We want to thank everyone who has joined us on special days such as Family Days etc.  Beginning this fall, the program material being used for our students was the “Holy Moly” series from Augsburg Fortress.

We also want to thank Melissa and Pat for their time and talents provided to the Sunday School Program.  Special thanks for a gift from Charles and Thelma M. and Family, which was used to create a dedicated account for the benefit of the Sunday School.  The gift was given in memory of Charles “Irish” and Clara M. Because of Charles and Clara’s devotion to the Sunday School Program and all of the children.  We also want to thank the congregation for their support of the Sunday School.

God’s blessings to everyone
Respectfully submitted,

Jane P., SS Supt.

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