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St. John Lutheran Church Foundation, Inc. – March 19, 2018

by Melissa VanTassell

    Attendance: Cathy P, Duane A, Joyce H, Diane U, Dan B, Mary L, Londa R, Tom P Absent: Deb G Council Rep: Greg G (absent) Guest: N/A Call to Order: Cathy opened the meeting @ 5:30 pm. Devotions: There was no devotion prepared. Agenda: Joyce motioned agenda be approved as written with the addition of […]

    St John Foundation Meeting – December 18, 2017

    by Melissa VanTassell

      Meeting called to order by Vice President Deb G @ 5:42pm Trustees present; Mary Lang, Cindy Grassl, Diane Utzig, Dan Braukhoff, Al Utzig, Sue Grund, council Rep. – Ron Hornsey Agenda was approved with one addition to Other Business – resignation of trustee Severson Minutes – Motion to approve Dec. 4, 2017 minutes made by […]

      St John Lutheran Foundation Meeting – April 11, 2016

      by Melissa VanTassell

        St John Lutheran Foundation April 11, 2016 Council Chamber Room President Becky Weber-Johnson called meeting to order 5:31pm Present: Becky W, Cindy G, Pastor Roy P, Diane U, Al U, (5:54pm via phone Deb G) Council Rep. – Ron H Guest – Cathy P Agenda reviewed – Pres Becky noted a last minute Grant request […]

        Foundation Grant Requests

        by Melissa VanTassell

          Any member of St John Lutheran church may make a Grant Request from the Foundation.  Stronger consideration of approval is made when your request is recommended by a congregation organization, committee or church council.  Grant request forms are available from Melissa in the church office.  Please allow Foundation trustees ample time to consider your recommendation […]