In the name of the father, and the son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Where did 2017 go? Wow!

Recently, I received a CD from LaVaughn Buehl. She thought I might find it helpful when it comes to writing the Laymen View. Thank you very much LaVaughn! I found it to be quite excellent! The CD is a lesson from author and speaker Joyce Meyer. I have seen Joyce on TV before and had listened to her a bit here and there. ThisCD is titled “You belong to God.”

Joyce talks about many topics such as grace, faith, God’s real love for all of us, even tithing to name a few. She states that after all the God has done for us, sending his only son to live and die for us to free us from sin, the devil and eternal damnation; all our debts have been paid for. We are no longer in bondage and that for all he has done for us and given to us, that giving ourselves to him and yes even tithing; should not be a problem for any of us. “Don’t even go there with her, as far as tithing goes!” she says.

I don’t want to go there for now, but rather, I’m more interested at looking at the idea that we all belong to God. Yes, I have always felt that I belong into his family. Claimed as his child and given new life. Freed from sin to receive eternal life just like you.

As a child of God we are also called to do his work and share his good news. As children of God we should think of God not as our owner but as our heavenly father and as he loves us so dearly, and loves us so much he gave his only son, Jesus Christ. Giving us his all, so too should we love him and give him all of ourselves in return. We need to give all of ourselves to him in return and do as he wills.

If we let God into our hearts and learn to lean on him and see that he loves and cares for us and that whatever ills may come our way, he will be there for us and will grant us his peace that surpasses all understanding. Guiding us and giving us new hope and love and happiness every day. Nothing will get you down and bad things will pass. Trust in him to see you through and you will know his peace, his love. If we give of ourselves, remember we all have been given gifts; and we do as he asks of us and fully believing in him, we will more naturally do his will.

Think of how a father or parent feels when someone says, “He (or she) is just like you, doing as you would do.” How proud must he feel when we do his will, loving one another as he has loved us? Our heavenly father, feeling pride as we show that we are his and belong to him.

Let him into your heart! Cast all your troubles on him and trust in him, and pray for his peace…..often. Receive his grace and know that he really loves us. Give glory to him, honor, and praise, and he will bless you more than you could imagine. Listen, and he will bless you more than you could imagine. Listen, and he will tell you what he wants you to do. Open yourself up to him. Commit yourself to him and receive his love, and know you belong to God. Oh what a feeling, knowing you belong to him and he belongs to you. Feel his love and do as he would do. May we know his peace and may we share it with others too. Let’s tell ourselves and tell others….I belong to God! He loves me and I love him. We are his! We belong to God! Hallelujah!

~ Ron Johnson

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