In this first article I would like to propose ways in which we can be better Disciples of Jesus. This will be one layman’s view, but I wish to get you thinking about what it means to truly be a Follower of Jesus as His Disciples.

We may all have different opinions on what Discipleship is but, for the most part we can all agree that being a Disciple means sharing Jesus’ Life and His Teachings and that if we really, truly believe in Him and that He died for our sins on the cross and defeated Death by rising again to new Life Everlasting, then we should follow His Example and learn to Love one another as He has Loved us.

We cannot get into Heaven by good works or by Faith alone! We must truly believe in Jesus and that only by God’s Grace we are forgiven and may be allowed to enter into His Kingdom and join Him in Eternal Life Everlasting.

I ask you to think about this!!! God loves us all so much that He gave His only begotten Son to die for us! The torture, the beatings, and the unimaginable pain He endured. The suffering, the humility, and the bitter shame, surely could never have been endured by any one of us and yet, Jesus did so that we might not perish but live on with Him in Paradise in Eternal Life!
Imagine if you will; losing one of your own beloved children, giving them up to be sacrificed for our human lives. Your own Son or Daughter to have to go through what Jesus did! How excruciating! How unbearable! Could you let them go through that? Would you let them go through that?

I submit that if we really understand what God did for us… shouldn’t we try to give ourselves to Him? To commit ourselves to Him? He sacrificed His only Son and yet we give Him maybe one hour a week in church and then go about our day, our week again! Couldn’t we maybe spend a little more time in Love and in Fellowship after service, sharing His Love for us, communing with one another and beginning to be better Disciples in Jesus name? Learning to Love one another as He Loves us?

It starts with you ! Each one of us can ask Jesus, often to come into our hearts so that we may know Him and do His Will, and do as He does for us. ” Love one another as I have Loved you!”
Let’s begin this year of the Reformation of the Lutheran Church by beginning to be better Disciples giving back to God what He has given us!


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