Frequently asked questions about St. John Lutheran Church:

How can I become a member of St. John Lutheran?
Contact Pastor Bond for information about becoming a member.
What do I need to know as first-time visitor to St. John Lutheran?
That you are very welcome!  Introduce yourself to an usher in the Narthex and they will provide you with a bulletin and answer your questions. Welcome!
How do I alert the Church of changes to my contact information?
If you are moving, have a new telephone number or a different email address, please contact the Congregation Office so we can keep in touch.
What are the Church's publication deadlines?
Information for the Yellow Page (weekly bulletin) is due by noon on Tuesday. Information for The Messenger (monthly newsletter) is due by the 15th day of each month.
Will the Church be notified when I or a family member is hospitalized?
Pastor Bond wants to know if you or a loved one is hospitalized, but hospitals cannot be relied upon to let him know. If you are hospitalized, please call, or have a relative call. Pastor Bond can be emailed or called via the Congregation Office or his mobile phone (608-208-0283).
I would like to have my child baptized. How do I go about this?
Except in emergencies, the Sacrament of Holy Baptism will take place as of our regular Sunday worship celebration. Contact Pastor Bond for more information about Baptism and sponsors. Baptism education will be scheduled in addition to a date for the Baptism.
Does St. John Lutheran Church offer Rite of Marriage services?
Yes! Interested couples should contact Pastor Bond at least six months in advance of their desired wedding date. Pre-marriage meetings with the pastor are required; usually, at least one half of the couple should be a congregation member.
Are Rite of Healing services available?
Yes! Prayer, laying on of hands, and anointing of the ill are available during our weekly Sunday worship celebrations, or by request in a hospital or at home. Contact Pastor Bond to arrange these services.
I would like to partake in the Sacrament of Holy Communion. When is it offered?
The Eucharist is celebrated each week during the regular Sunday worship celebrations. In addition, the Sacrament of Holy Communion is available anytime the pastor is visiting you in the hospital or at home. Please call for special requests.

The congregation’s Sacrament of Holy Communion occurs during all worship. Those who are unable to leave their homes can have a lay communion minister bring the elements regularly. Communion also may be brought from those worship celebrations by a family member. Please contact Pastor Bond for more information.

Am I able to receive the Rite of Individual Confession and Forgiveness?
For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Pastor Bond.
Are congregation members able to use space inside St. John Lutheran Church?
Yes! Contact the Congregation Office to arrange use of space inside our building.