The St. John Lutheran Church Foundation, Inc. was created by vote of the congregation of St. John Lutheran Church of Janesville in May, 1983. It is a non-profit corporation, whose members are the members of the congregation of St. John Lutheran Church. Although the Foundation is incorporated separately from St. John Lutheran Church, its sole purpose is to receive, invest and manage the non-budgetary financial reserves of the church so as to be of benefit to St. John Lutheran Congregation and to undergird the work of Christ in this community and throughout the world

It helps assure funds for the church to meet new challenges and opportunities. It strengthens the church by providing a financial reserve. It makes possible more effective long-range planning and enables the church to extend its work and service. Upon request, the Trustees approve grants from the assets of the Foundation for special projects and purposes consistent with the work and mission of St. John Lutheran Church.

It also gives members a vehicle to give special lasting gifts. Gifts may be in the form of a memorial in memory of a family member or friend; a living memorial in honor of anyone still living; a gift in honor of a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary; or through a life insurance policy, an annuity, or a will. All gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible.

If you have a special interest at St. John that furthers the work and mission of the congregation and you would like to make a gift for that purpose, the Trustees of the Foundation will place your gift in a “Designated Fund” and the total principal of the fund will be used for the designated purpose.

Many memorials are designated for specific purposes, and special projects are financed through designated funds. Two special projects were the Century Fund in 1986, which provided funding for the reconstruction of the Educational Unit walls, air conditioning in the Sanctuary and the elevator; and the Cornerstone Project in 1998 for the renovation of Friendship Hall, the choir loft, and creation of a new parking lot and renovation of existing parking lots.

When a gift is given to the “Perpetual Fund”, it keeps on giving. Each time the Foundation makes a gift to help underwrite the important work of St. John, your gift becomes a part of it. It does this because the Foundation Board invests your gifts and each year determines the amount of monies available to be spent, which can only total the interest earned plus no more than 20% of the principal balance of the fund.

The available monies are allocated to three different areas:

  1. For use by the Congregation;
  2. For the Janesville and surrounding communities; and
  3. For mission in the Synod and throughout the world.

You can be involved in the work of the Foundation. In addition to giving a gift to the Foundation as described above, you can also place your name into nomination for the Board of Trustees. The Board consists of nine members, three of whom are elected to a 3-year term by the St. John Congregation each year at the Annual Meeting.