The Education and Youth Planning Group promotes the value of Christian Education for all members of the congregation.

These include Sunday School, Confirmation, Adult Education, Bible Studies and any other education groups. They also supervise the Youth programs and work to integrate the young people into the total mission of the Church. The Education group has been involved with the planning and implementation of Friends and Family Sunday School, and graduation recognition. 

Sunday School classes are available for everyone from three year olds through adult classes.  Sunday School classes are held beginning the Sunday after Labor Day and continues through the Sunday before Memorial Day.  Sunday School classes are held from 10:15 to 11:15 a.m.  Classes are not held during the Christmas-New Year break.

We have a combined class for members of the Sunday School.  Our Sunday School is truly blessed with superb volunteers.  We want to thank everyone who has joined us on special days such as Family Days etc.