Weekly Readings

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Posts in this section contain the weekly readings for members of St. John Lutheran Church.

December 1, 2019 – First Sunday in Advent

by Dan Wilkinson

The new church year begins with a wake-up call: Christ is coming soon! In today’s readings both Paul and Jesus challenge us to wake from sleep, for we know neither the day nor hour of the Lord’s coming. Isaiah proclaims the day when God will gather all people on the holy mountain and there will […]

November 17, 2019 – Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost

by Dan Wilkinson

The end is near. There is no doubt about it. The warnings are dire. The tone of today’s texts is ominous. But the baptized know how to live in the “meantime.” The baptized are strengthened for the living of these days in word and sacrament. The baptized rally around the invitation of the apostle: “Brothers […]

November 10, 2019 – Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost

by Dan Wilkinson

We worship on the first day of the week because our Savior was raised on that day. Every Sunday is a little Easter. This Sunday feels more like Easter than many as the appointed texts celebrate the reality of the resurrection. Live it up this Lord’s day. Our God is the God of the living. […]

November 3, 2019 – All Saints Sunday

by Dan Wilkinson

In holy baptism God makes saints out of sinners. In holy communion God forgives the sins of all the saints. In the assembly today we give thanks for all the saints “who from their labors rest,” who have fought the good fight, who have gained the crown. In the same breath we petition our God […]

October 27, 2019 – Reformation Sunday–Affirmation of Baptism: Confirmation

by Dan Wilkinson

Genuine repentance and pretentious piety stand in stark contrast in the gospel and all around us. All creation stands in need of God’s forgiveness. Keep the faith. God’s people—“all who have longed for his appearing”—shall be accounted righteous for Jesus’ sake. Our God is merciful to sinners. For all this the assembly glorifies God forever. […]

October 20, 2019 – Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

by Dan Wilkinson

Pray always. Do not lose heart. This is the encouragement of the Christ of the gospel today. Persistence in our every encounter with the divine will be blessed. Wrestle with the word. Remember your baptism again and again. Come regularly to Christ’s table. Persistence in our every encounter with the divine will be blessed. PRAYER: […]

September 29, 2019 – Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

by Dan Wilkinson

Consideration of and care for those in need (especially those “at our gate,” visible to us, of whom we are aware) is an essential component of good stewardship. It is in the sharing of wealth that we avoid the snare of wealth. It is the one whom death could not hold—who comes to us risen […]

September 22, 2019 – Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost

by Dan Wilkinson

As we are invited today to consider what it means to be managers (rather than owners) of all that we have, it is crucial to recall that we are bought with a price. “Christ Jesus, himself human, … gave himself a ransom for all.” Apart from the generosity of God we have nothing—we are nothing. […]

September 15, 2019 – Fourteen Sunday after Pentecost

by Dan Wilkinson

The grumbling of the Pharisees and the scribes in today’s gospel is actually our holy hope: This Jesus welcomes sinners and eats with them. That our God wills to seek and to save the lost is not only a holy hope, it is our only hope. As Paul’s first letter to Timothy reminds us, “The […]