On January 10, 2016, Adult Forum will begin a new study of the Gospel According to Luke. The class will meet for 12 sessions. Classes will be held three Sundays each month from January through April at 10:15 in the conference room. Lay instructor David Moore will lead the study.

125th Anniversary (13)Luke is the gospel lectionary text for the new church year that began with the advent season. It is a beautifully-written work of literature that represents the first of two volumes, the second volume being the

Acts of the Apostles. The author tells the story of Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection in a manner that is fundamentally concerned with the social and theological issues that were important to the Church at the latter part of the first century. It was probably written about 20 years after the Gospel According to Mark, the gospel we studied in Spring of 2015.

Luke uses stories from Mark, but adds a great deal more, including the narrative of the visit of the angel Gabriel to Mary, and the very familiar birth story: “In those days a decree went out . . . .”

For this study we will again use a booklet created as part of the Book of Faith program of the ELCA. The materials for the Luke study were written by David L. Tiede, former president of Luther Seminary in St. Paul.

A class schedule is available in the church office, and will be sent to previous class members and anyone who requests it via e-mail at dmoore@nowlan.com.

Whether or not you can participate in every class, we encourage everyone to participate when you can. Our study is focused not only on learning about the text, but on learning about how Jesus, the Christ, works among us as people of the gospel through the Holy Spirit. As Luke tells us, the story is written “so that you may know the truth concerning the things about which you have been instructed.”

Tentative Schedule

 January 10 – Introduction and the Prophecy – Chapter 1

 January 17 – Why Was Jesus Born? – 2:1-20

 January 24 – What Will Become of This Child? – 2:21-40

 February 7 – The Calling – 3:21-22; 4:1-13

 February 14 – Let God be God! – 4:14-30

 February 21 – Discipleship – 4:42 – 5:11; 6:12-16; 10:1-12

 March 6 – Leveling – 6:17-42; 12:22-34

 March 13 – What Was Jesus Doing? – 7:1-17

 March 20 – Why Must Jesus Die? – 9:18-36

 March 27 – EASTER – NO CLASS

 April 3 – And Grace Will Lead Me Home – 15:1-32

 April 10 – Ah, Holy Jesus, How Hast Thou Offended? – 23:26-49

 April 20 – How Did Jesus’ Resurrection Change the World? – 24:13-35

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