Coffee farmer Atandi Wilkister stands in her fields. (Photo by Jake Lyell for LWR.)


No matter what the news tells us, we are making progress in the fight against global poverty. But here’s the truly amazing part: many of us are doing it one small step, one small act at a time!

One way you do this with Lutheran World Relief is by investing in livelihoods of small-scale farmers, who very often lack the resources to get the most out of their land and crops. But all it takes just a few short minutes – and your generous gift – to change all that.

And what a difference it makes! Consider Atandi Wilkister, a coffee farmer who lives in the Rachuonyo South District of Western Kenya. There was a time when she wasn’t sure how she’d support her nine children, who she’d been left alone to raise. But with your support, she’s now growing more coffee, better coffee, and earning a good, sustainable income.

Your gift today takes just minutes to give but can change the lives of farmers like Atandi forever.

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