Present: Elizabeth H, Heidi P, Jason P, Kathy H, Lorrie C, Kathy S, Bond H, Tim J, Ron J, Timothy B, Beth B

Absent: Gus H, Greg G, Ron H

Gather for Devotion – an article read by Tim J

Approval of Agenda – Liz made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Kathy H.

Thank You Notes – no notes this week

Leadership Development – Hand out on The Art of Governance


  • President – Hymn sing went well with 30 in attendance. LEAD conference last week was great.
  • Secretary –Tim J made a motion to approve both the annual meeting notes and February’s meeting notes, seconded by Lorrie
  • Treasurer –Kathy S made a motion to approve the report as printed, seconded by Jason.
  • Pastor –funeral yesterday, midweek worship, Lenten services coming up. Kidist H, Bayat H, Carson B, and Levi J are all up for Confirmation. Bond made a motion that they be approved for Affirmation of Baptism on April 15 and seconded by Tim J. Two people have requested to join St John Lutheran by transferring from First Lutheran; Anthony & Jane D. Bond made the motion to accept their membership and seconded by Tim J.

Celebrations and Plans

  • Stewardship/Leadership – meeting April 4, no report
  • Youth/Education – meeting Sunday March 18, looking for more activities for involvement, VBS share opportunity with St. Peter, meat raffle for April 15. Meeting with other youth for traveling to Youth Gathering. Planning Lutherdale trip
  • Worship/Evangelism – meeting Sunday March 18 – possible potluck April 22
  • Building & grounds – Spring clean up scheduled April 28, may look at rescheduling due to planned funeral
  • Social Ministry – Crop Walk, Offering of Letter, Alms for Palms, Lutheran Disaster Response donations, Earth Day project as well.
  • Foundation – no report
  • Congregation Contacts/comments – comment from visitor regarding women’s bathroom in basement being in poor condition

Council Considerations

  1. Parking Lot – no update
  2. Natural Church Development (NCD)- no update
  3. Communion Rail Redesign – one proposal received, looking to get one more for comparison
  4. Narthex Remodel – a handout with some cost estimates for Narthex and Library
  5. Visitation Pastor – no report
  6. Sanctuary Acoustical Assessment – no update
  7. Synod Assembly – May 5th & 6th Ron and Penny considering attending, Lori H willing to go.
  8. Retreat – Date April 27th & 28th

Next Council Meeting – April 10, 2018
Devotion – Ron H
Closing Prayer

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