Present: Elizabeth H, Kathy H, Tim J, Heidi P, Jason P, Ron H, Greg G, Lorrie C, Rev. Bond Haldeman, Kathy S, Ron J, Tim B
Absent: Gus H, Beth B

Gather for Devotion – “Let each be like Christ to the other”- Lorrie C
Approval of Agenda – Kathy S motioned to approve the agenda with the addition of #7 Chair Yoga and seconded by Kathy H.
Thank You Notes – for Ron J, Scott M, and Al U
Leadership Notes – ”Five Lies We Like To Tell about Church Growth”


  • Pastor – NCD continuing and meeting 9/18, Confirmation of Allison G will be up for approval at next meeting, Sunday School class starts next Sunday. Bond wants to attend a leaders conference using the continuing ed funds, approved by the council
  • President – no report other than items below.
  • Secretary – Greg made a motion to accept the August Council notes as printed, seconded by Lorrie
  • Treasurer – Kathy S made a motion to approve the report as presented and seconded by Greg.

Celebrations and Plans

  • Stewardship/Leadership – Community Connections interviews continue
  • Youth/Education – Dave’s class and Sunday School are starting, Pastor will be doing a social statement review
  • Worship/Evangelism – no update
  • Building & Grounds – the dead tree in the upper parking lot has been removed  Social Ministry-next meeting 9/12, ECHO school supplies $1125 from congregation + $500 donation from The Foundation + $500 matching funds=$2125
  • Foundation – met last week-they are issuing a grant for the Migrant Center for Human Rights, a guest speaker will present for Foundation Sunday coming up. Cornerstone of Hope received $500 from the July 4th event
  • Congregation Feedback: people are asking for more updates on changes for Alter and Narthex projects

Council Considerations

  1. Communion Rail Redesign – it is done!
  2. Narthex Remodel – Library has a new TV, Whiteboard on the way and new flooring. The Narthex will get some tidying up, updating the bulletin board areas, a new rack for sharing materials/handouts. This is going to be an ongoing process to make the Narthex a better place to find information and linger with others over coffee etc.
  3. Pastor Appreciation Sunday will be Oct 21. Heidi and Kathy S to coordinate treats and snacks.
  4. Kitchen Operation & Maintenance – Sept. 12th Meeting
  5. Parking Lot – patches have been repaired, they will finish up as weather permits
  6. Sound System – council members were shown Back Up Instructions and basics of the system operations.
  7. Chair Yoga – starts Monday 9/24 with sessions Monday morning ,Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evening. A grant request will be written for start up costs. The cost will be $3 per session and re-evaluate after 12 weeks.

Next Council Meeting – October 9, 2018
Devotion – Beth B
Closing Prayer

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