We had a really hard time with the last third of our “Kerygma: Discovering the Bible” classes this spring. First it was the Pastor’s eye surgeries. Then it was Covid-19. Well, we are going to try again! You have bought the resources and completed 20 sessions, why not finish up?

Classes will began with Chapter 20:The Kingdom on September 9, 1:3-2:30 p.m. OR 6:30-7:30 p.m. (yes, a half-hour later in the evening than last winter) Classes will continue weekly through November 18 to complete all 30 chapters. There will be a variety of ways to attend, and you can mix and match as your situation requires.

  1. You can join others for in-person class in the Conference Room at SJLC at the 1:30 pm class only, which can accommodate 6-8 comfortably with social distancing and masks.
  2. You can attend by video conferencing with Zoom Meeting at the 6:30 pm class only. You would have to download the app to your phone or desktop computer. Speak with Pastor Bond a couple of days in advance for download information or to get the meeting ID and password.
  3. You can attend with any regular phone as a voice only conference call at the 6:30 pm class only. Again, please speak with Pastor Bond a day or so in advance to get the meeting phone number, meeting ID and password.

Options 2 and 3 will be different, and you are asked to be patient with the pastor as he works out the technology on his end, but these options make it possible for those with varying concerns and technologies to attend the final third of Kerygma: Discovering the Bible.

I look forward to seeing you!

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