christian-redcrossThe Church Health Team met on November 16th to discuss what we are going to do next.

The topic of compelling vision was addressed as it is the lowest factor on both our surveys. Pastor Bond reminded us that we are to looking to the horizon, not just the next foot ahead. Our vision is to be a five year plan or goal for the church and not to be confused with our mission statement: Jesus’ witnesses proclaiming God’s Grace. It was brought up that our vision should be what we want to be known for as a church.

We also addressed how to empower the members of the congregation. In order to empower others it was decided that first we must know the gifts of members of our congregation so we will wait for the results of the time and talent sheet that went out on November 13th and encourage the members of our congregation to complete them and turn them in.

The members of the team were given homework, they are to answer on A better understanding of empowering leadership on page 4 of 17 from the NCD summary and the questions on Summary Evaluation Questions on page 5 of the CoachNet handout. Pastor also asked the members to do a Spiritual Gifts Inventory. The next meeting will be December 7th at 7:00 p.m.

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