Meeting called to order by Vice President Deb G @ 5:42pm
Trustees present; Mary Lang, Cindy Grassl, Diane Utzig, Dan Braukhoff, Al Utzig, Sue Grund, council Rep. – Ron Hornsey

Agenda was approved with one addition to Other Business – resignation of trustee Severson

Minutes – Motion to approve Dec. 4, 2017 minutes made by Dan B, second by Mary L motion carried

Treasurer’s report – presented by Diane U. Noted that YTD through November a gain of $45,329.86. Motion to approve as presented made by Sue G, second Cindy G motion carried

Property report – no report

Grant committee report – no report

Old Business

Follow up on possible candidates for next year’s trustees. Londa R has accepted a ballot nomination. Tom P considering, Al U to reach out to Todd & Karen J, Bill E. Deb G will reach out to Tami H. Cindy G will contact Penny J. Diane U will contact Jan C.

Discretionary Fund – Was tabled last meeting. Sue G made motion to approve $1000 plus matching funds up to $1000 additionally (as written and requested) Diane U seconded and suggested a friendly amendment stating entire $2000 be a matching grant (accepted by Sue G) Discussion ensued. Motion carried, entire grant cost will a matching grant up to $2000 maximum. (Congregation)

New Business –

ELCA Good Gifts addendum – (A) Request of an additional $500 matching grant to the already approved Dec. 4, 2017 request for a total of $1000. Motion made by Diane U second Cindy G motion carried. (World)

Giving Tree –ECHO, Gifts -(B) Request of an additional $500 each matching grant to the already approved grant approved Dec. 4, 2017 for a new total $2000. Motion made by Cindy G second Sue G motion approved (County)

Salvation Army Grant Request – Motion made by Mary L to accept grant request of $1000 as a special YE gift, second Dan B, motion carried (County)

Boys and Girls Club request – Motion made by Cindy G, second Mary L to accept grant request of $500. Motion carried

Note –Budget of annual expenditures was updated to move monies of $1750 from Congregation to County and World accounts by trustees present.

Other Business –

Trustees accepted resignation of President Peter S which was emailed Sun Dec. 16 @ 3pm. We all wish to thank Mr. Peter S for his efforts as our President this year.

Noted – Trustees Cindy G and Al U have reached the two term completions of their respective service to the foundation. Both are ineligible at this time to serve in 2018. Therefore there will be three positions open for election. Lowest vote collector will fulfill Mr. Peter S’s remaining term.

Next Meeting date – Annual Congregational Meeting in January 2018 6:44pm

Motion to adjourn made by Sue G, second Mary L motion carried
Minutes respectfully presented, Al U Secretary

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