This ministry is not funded through our regular budget; it is provided completely by donations. It costs us $60 per week to videotape and air our services. This same video is used for our website as well.  You can now watch a worship service at any time by accessing our website at
This ministry was sponsored through the end of February and so now we need your help. We need sponsors for the rest of this year.  You can sponsor part of, or all of, a broadcast in honor of or in memory of someone or just because you support this important service to our community.  Several people can sponsor a broadcast together. Please write “TV Ministry” in the memo line of all checks and deposit them in the regular collection or bring them to the church office.
Thank you to a recent donor who generously provided support for this ministry for several months! and to our congregation for supporting this important ministry to our congregation and our community for more than 30 years!
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