9:00 am Worship Service (Sanctuary)
There will be a brief presentation during worship about this summer’s Mission Trip to Harlan, Kentucky
Rally Day!
10:15 am Sunday School starts today! (Friendship Hall)
10:15 am Adult Forum Bible Study (Sanctuary)


12:00 pm Bible Study (Conference Room)
12:30 pm Quilters Meeting (Friendship Hall)


6:30 pm Al-Anon (Library)


6:00 pm Confirmation Class (Pastor’s Office)


9:00 am God’s Vision Class (Conference Room)
1:30 pm Worship Service (Sanctuary)
2:30 pm Prayer Shawl Meeting (Conference Room)
6:30 pm Al-Anon Meeting (Conference Room)
6:00 pm God’s Vision Class (Pastor’s Office)
7:00 pm New Hope Choir Rehearsal (Choir Loft)


9:00 am Worship Service (Sanctuary)
10:15 am Sunday School (Friendship Hall)
10:15 am Adult Forum Bible Study (Sanctuary)
10:30 am Empowerment Event and Potluck (Friendship Hall)

We are Praying for Members and Friends of the Congregation:
Pastor Bond wants to know if you or a loved one is hospitalized, but hospitals cannot be relied upon to let him know. Please call, or have a relative call, the church office at (608) 752-3159 if you or a loved one are hospitalized.

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Worship October 11th, 2020

Free Covid - 19 Testing

Adult Bible Forum

Discovering the Bible

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Readings - October 11th, 2020

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